Weekly Schedule


A typical week will require about six hours of study in preparation for the weekly class meeting. The student must come to class prepared to discuss that week’s assignments.

For example, the first week the student will study the Call to ServiceThe Jesus Style and complete the assigned homework (reading, listening/watching lectures & written responses). Then the student would create a one-page outline for discussing these topics in class. The instructor will facilitate the discussion during, which time the student will be able to dig deeper into the topic at hand. The class meeting also provides an opportunity for the instructor to check up on ministry responsibilities assigned to the student.

Church service

We believe that the most valuable training program is one that introduces the student to as many aspects of church ministry as possible.  That is, regardless of one’s primary calling an effective servant of the Lord should be able to perform almost any task in the church.  With that in mind we will attempt to schedule the student into as many ministries at the church as possible during their six-month training.  Not only will this help prepare the student by providing a better understanding of the ministry of the church but may very well help to reveal the primary gifting and calling of the student.

Some of the activities the student will participate in:

  • Childen’s church ministry: teaching, assisting, crafts, and curriculum development
  • Jr. High & High School ministry: teaching, activities and counseling
  • Men’s & Women’s ministry: coordinating weekly and special meetings, developing and teaching a devotional study, leading a group discussion.
  • Evangelism: outreach at the Vintage Faire Mall to learn how to share your faith with others.
  • Prayer ministry: coordinating, leading and facilitating prayer including; in-service prayer, prayer meetings, intercession, etc.
  • Maintenance: daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance of the facility including changing of A/C filters, landscaping, cleaning, painting, repair work, changing copier cartridges, stocking supplies, etc.
  • Printing: developing, editing and printing church bulletins, bulletin inserts, special banners, posters, etc.
  • Greeter: welcoming and assisting people attending Sunday services
  • Hospitality: planning and preparing snacks & beverages for the staff and congregation on Sunday mornings, distribution of snacks to children in our Children’s Ministry, etc.


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