Course Outline


1.The Word of God

    • Authority, Sufficiency, Inspiration, Inerrancy of Scripture
    • The Inductive Bible Btudy method
    • Study helps, Preaching and Teaching

2.The Call to Service (3rd & 4th Weeks)

    • The Jesus Style
    • Qualities of a Servant-Leader

3.The Call to Ministry (5th & 6th Weeks)

    • Called by God
    • Lead by the Spirit
    • Serving like the Son

4.Discipleship (7th & 8th Weeks)

    • The Commission
    • The Model

5.A Biblical View of the Church (9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Weeks)

    • Acts: The Model for the Church
    • Church Government
    • Biblical Church Growth
    • Musical Worship
    • Church Discipline

6.The Holy Spirit (13th & 14th Weeks)

    • Sealed by the Spirit
    • Empowered by the Spirit
    • Gifted by the Spirit
    • The Calvary balance

7.Evangelism and Missions (15th & 16th Weeks)

    • Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria & the World

8.Eschatology (17th & 18th Weeks)

    • Premillennialism
    • Pretribulationalism
    • Israel & the Church

9.New Covenant Ministry and the Grace of God (19th Week)

    • Faith
    • Humility

10.Prayer (20th Week)

    • Purpose & Practice

11.Spiritual Warfare (21st Week)

    • The battle
    • The armor
    • The victory

12.Soteriology (22nd Week)

    • The Extremes
    • The Biblical balance

13.The Centrality of Christ (23rd Week)

    • It’s all about Jesus!

14.Having Begun in the Spirit (24th Week)

    • It’s all done by the Spirit

15.The Supremacy of Love (25th Week)

    • It’s all with Love

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