• Inductive Bible Study - Fall 2023

    8 Lessons

    The Inductive Bible Study course is an 8-week hands-on training class in how to study the Scriptures.  Students will learn to discern God’s (the Author) intended meaning through the careful study of the Scripture.  The Inductive Bible Study method provides the tools necessary to recognize the various literary genre used by God and to then […]

  • Intro to Apologetics

    11 Lessons

    The word “apologetics” comes to us from the apostle Peter’s first epistle, where he exhorts to “always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you” (1Peter 3:15b).  The Greek word translated as “defense” is apologia, from which we get our English “apologetics.”  Apologetics means to “give a defense”, or […]

  • Knowledge of the Holy

    14 Lessons

    The Knowledge of the Holy is a 14-week class during which we will examine what the Bible tells us about God’s nature—Who He is.  The goal of the class is to know Him better that we might love Him more! Topics covered include a study of the more familiar attributes of God such as, His […]

  • Pastoral Ministry

    14 Lessons

    Pastoral Ministry Through Bible teaching, instruction, application and classroom discussion, the student will learn the essential elements in the formation of a pastoral identity, as well as the duty and call of pastoral ministry. Specifically the student will learn what it means to be a pastor, and what are the primary duties every pastor performs, […]

  • Missions

    8 Lessons

    Missions Any study of missions should begin with a definition of what we mean by the term “missions”.  The word mission itself comes from the Latin verb missio, which means “to send.”  And of course, we find many examples in the Bible of God sending His people to do His work. So, literally, missions is all […]