Philosophy of Ministry of Calvary Chapel

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School of Ministry ~ a training opportunity to prepare you for a life of faithful service to King Jesus

Dear servant of Christ,

Thank you for signing up for this opportunity to grow in Christ. We do not look lightly on this opportunity as we recognize that to succesfully complete this program will require you to make a commitment of your time, talent and treasure.

The original manual was created by pastor Rob Thompson for the Equipping For Ministry course he has taught for many years. The staff at Calvary Chapel Modesto has modified that original work for our School of Ministry to make your training as fruitful as possible. The outline for the course is based on the distinctives of the Calvary Chapel movement, which we believe is a Biblical and balanced approach to ministry.  It is our goal to help the student catch the vision of what God is uniquely doing through the ministry of the Calvary Chapel movement.  In short, we want to share our spiritual DNA with you!  To accomplish that goal you will be required to participate in a live weekly class for an in-depth lecture and discussion on the week’s topic followed by assignments from selected readings and recorded lessons that you will complete online.  As you work through the assignments each week you will grasp both the theological and practical aspects of the subject under consideration.

The training is comprised of 25 class meetings running approximately six-months and is designed to help the student to grow in their understanding of Christian ministry while they are serving at Calvary Chapel Modesto. The manual serves as a structured outline of the course material that the student will study over the duration of the class. We hope that the instruction in these 15 subjects will prove to be invaluable for the student.

May the Lord bless you in your studies to prepare yourself for serving our King!



SOM Phase 1