Inductive Bible Study – Fall 2023

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The Inductive Bible Study course is an 8-week hands-on training class in how to study the Scriptures.  Students will learn to discern God’s (the Author) intended meaning through the careful study of the Scripture.  The Inductive Bible Study method provides the tools necessary to recognize the various literary genre used by God and to then properly interpret the message that God is communicating.  Students will gain a fresh appreciation of the Bible and its life transforming message as they learn to ” rightly divide the word of truth” (2Tim. 2:15).

The class is designed to benefit all Christians, however it is especially necessary as a foundation for anyone who has been called by God to teach His Word.

No prerequisites are required.



Class 2 ~ Inductive Bible Study

Length: 0 minutes

Class work ~ review homework Assignment #1 ~ applying the principles of IBS to Mark 2:1-12 Class work ~ new material Review the various general literary genres (book type) used in the Bible] Narrative Epistle Poetry Parables Prophecy General overview of how to apply the IBS method to the various genres In-class work ~ outling […]

Class 3 ~ Inductive Bible Study

Length: 0 minutes

Review homework Assignment #2 ~ Charting Psalm 1 In-class work Overview of the unique features of Hebrew poetry including: Figurative language Synonymous parallelism Synthetic parallelism Antithetic parallelism Outlining & charting an Epistle Practice outlining the epistle of Jude ~ use text on page 31 Homework Read page 35 of IBS manual Do Assignment #3 found […]

Class 4 ~ Inductive Bible Study

Length: 0 minutes

Review homework Assignment #3 ~ charting the epistle of Jude In-class work Working with Parables Guidelines for working with Parables Outline the Parable of Sower Homework Complete Assignment 6 ~ chart Mark 4:1-20 on pages 51-52 of the IBS workbook providing your observations, interpretations & applications of the text. Provide the central point (emphasis) of […]