Heart of Worship

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Heart of Worship

Worship is more than a song, it is a life to be lived. We will aim to recapture the heart of true biblical worship by looking at who we worship and how we ought to worship.

Aims for student learning

We will cultivate a heart of worship and refine what we know about worship by

  • Studying the definition of the word “Worship”
  • Building a foundation for true worship on our faith. Looking at Who we believe to be worthy of our worship. We will look at His character and attributes along with what He has done past, present and future.
  • Digging into what biblical worship should look like in the life of the believer. Answering the questions: how has God called me to worship Him? What is acceptable worship? How can we please God as His worshipers?

Course requirements

Students are expected to read, study, listen, and prayerfully complete all assignments before arriving at class. Students will grow in proportion to the effort put into the class and assignments.  Successful completion of the class requires attendance of 6 or more meetings and completion of all assignments.


Class 2 ~ Heart of Worship

In class This week we will continue building a foundation of what biblical worship is all about. It is in our nature to worship. We will study the call to worship the one and true God. Homework Listen to podcast by Harold Best – Heart of worship [download} Listen to podcast by Harold Best – […]

Class 3 ~ Heart of Worship

In class There is only one true God worthy of our worship. This week we will study how He has chosen to reveal Himself to us and who He has revealed Himself to be. John 17:3 “And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You […]

Class 4 ~ Heart of Worship

In class Last week we took a look at who God has revealed Himself to be. That alone makes Him worthy! We will add to that this week by taking a look at what God has done. Homework Listen to study on Genesis 22 by Joe Focht [download] – note: once you reach the CC […]

Class 5 ~ Heart of Worship

In class This week begins our second half of study. These last four weeks my desire is to study how we ought to worship. What is acceptable worship? This week we will see the connections between sacrifice and worship throughout the entire Bible. Homework Create a list of the sacrifices mentioned in the New Testament.  […]

Class 6 ~ Heart of Worship

In class This week we will cover the sacrifices of praise and giving. Each being a portion offered up to God in worship. Homework Read 1st John